Golightly Landscape Architecture

Portfolio » North Residence, Birmingham, Alabama


  • Native Plant Palette
  • Sustainable Landscaping
  • Site walls and Stone Terraces
  • Ornamental Grasses and Perennials
  • Lily Pool


  • Architect: Krumdieck Architecture & Interio Design
  • Landscape Contractor: Earth Works
  • Lily Pool: Aquatic Gardens


The owner of this this new construction house in the historic Forest Park neighborhood of Birmingham asked Golightly to seamlessly integrate the house into the landscape. The house is described as a “predominantly traditional house, which is executed using contemporary geometries and elements.” The topography of the site made a lawn impossible but created the possibility for a wild garden to emerge.

We started in the front garden by adding vestiges that mirror the formality of the home while allowing the wildness of the surrounding wood line and the driveway’s subtle curves to compliment bold lines of the architecture. Site walls and stone terraces were added to extend the architecture into the garden, define spaces, remediate the slope, and create a backdrop for the plant material.

In back garden, away from the busy street, we utilized ornamental grasses and perennials and installed a rectangular lily pool visible from many areas within the house. Throughout the garden we layered all left over spaces with a tapestry of trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and bulbs to provide year round interest.

Installed in the summer of 2005, this garden was primarily made up of native plants with no lawn areas, which resulted in no plant loss during the drought of 2006. This garden represents the successful execution of sustainable ideas. It acts as an exemplar sustainable approach to residential landscape architecture that provides enjoyment throughout the seasons. The tapestry of plant material accomplishes the goal of creating a seamless integration of the house into the landscape.