Golightly Landscape Architecture

Portfolio » Private Residence, Mountain Brook, Alabama


  • Brick and Stone Paving
  • Garden House
  • Formal Moss Garden
  • Cutting Garden


  • General Contractor: Robert Fry, Fry/ Jones Inc.
  • Landscape Contractor: Pratt Brown Landscapes, Bruce Williams- project manager
  • Mason: Carrigan Stone
  • Sylvia Martin Photography


Located on Southwood Road in Mountain Brook, Alabama this historic family estate underwent a major interior and exterior renovation. GLA was asked to rethink and simplify the entrance sequence that previously sent visitors to a side door. Site walls were omitted and/ or reorganized creating a landing off the parking court to an ample path leading visitors to the front door. The plant pallet is simple and clean with broad strokes of lawn, boxwoods, mondo, hellebores, and pots for seasonal interest.

The slopping back of the property was given new life when the pool was omitted allowing for a great lawn to be elevated by a sweeping stone retaining wall bordered with a cutting garden. Gracious lawn steps detailed with brick risers spill from the wall to the lawn below. A second set of stairs leads one down to the vegetable garden and new garden house. The hardwood forest beyond was freed of privet under growth and heavily planted with a mix of magnolias and hollies for privacy.

A highlight of the grounds is the formal moss garden. Moss harvested from around the site was placed in two rectangular panels and framed with boxwoods and modo and punctuated with stone paver paths.