Golightly Landscape Architecture

Portfolio » Fleenor Residence, Birmingham, Alabama


  • Alabama Stone Walkway
  • Ornamental Grasses and Native Shrubs
  • Moss Rock Stone Paths
  • Expanded Wood Deck


  • Landscape Contractor: Green Again
  • Hardscapes and Woodwork: Green Again
  • Sylvia Martin Photography


When Golightly started this complete front and rear garden makeover in the Forest Park area of Birmingham, the homeowners told us that their goal was to minimize the size of the lawn and cut down on required maintenance while still maintaining ample green space. We quickly accepted this challenge as an opportunity to utilize native grasses and plants.

In the front garden, we removed the central concrete walk. Using the slope of the lot, we built a native Alabama stone walk. We were able to omit three steps at the sidewalk by allowing the stone to ramble diagonally to the base of the house steps.

We replaced the previous lawn area with a tapestry of ornamental grasses and native shrubs for seasonal interest. Finally, we stabilized the steep slope adjacent to the driveway by adding an evergreen ground cover and new stone slab steps down to the driveway.

In the rear garden, we enlarged the existing wood deck and reorganized the flow of traffic to lead visitors through the garden. Native moss rock stone paths were carved into the space leading to a stone terrace, the alley, and the garage. We lightened the new deck rail’s visual presence and complimented the architecture of the house by adding metal screens framed in wood detailing. Consistent with the front garden, every available inch of planting space was filled with drifts of perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, and flowering trees for seasonal interest.